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Design & Construct Homes

Being a construction company that specializes in custom built homes, Rescon Group can design your dream home in house with our team of professional Building Designers and Architects. Simply approach Rescon Group with your secured block of land and we will complete the entire Design & Construct process of your new home. Your entire design and construction journey will be completed by Rescon Group beginning with design of your home, gathering all relevant council and building approvals and certifications, demolition of existing home if required, complete construction and through to handover.

Custom Built Homes

Rescon Group is a boutique construction company that build custom homes. Being a preferred builder and working closely with numerous architects and building designers to build their clients tailor-made dream homes. If you already have plans simply supply Rescon Group with your own designed home drawings and we will complete a full turn key package build.

Duplexes and Townhouses

This is where it all started for us. Most of Rescon Group’s first projects were new build duplexes and townhouses. Over the years we have built duplexes for owner occupiers and families but also worked with numerous Property Developers as builders and project managers for their duplex and townhouse projects. Appointed as project managers Rescon Group are engaged from the beginning of the entire project - from initial feasibility and budgeting then onto design and through to council lodgement for required approvals and finally the entire construction as builders. Being involved as project managers along the entire journey will definitely ensure a streamlined, on budget and stress-free process.



Our process to building your dream home.


It is very important that we sit down with our client’s to discuss and understand their exact budget, wants and needs of their new home. Meeting with our team we are able
to offer ideas and suggestions upon your build that will save both time and money. If designing your home with Rescon Group this meeting will be very important as a design brief will be discussed and completed with yourselves and our design team to cover all aspects so your home is designed to your exact requirements.


Initial plans and designs of your new home will be completed and presented, it is crucial for a thorough review of your plans so any needed amendments can be raised and made here. Our design team will also take you through the interior colour selection and ranges, you will have the opportunity to select all colours, finishes and fixtures. When all has been completed we will then present a detailed cost analysis and budget for your new home.


This stage marks the beginning of your construction journey. Here your final contract is prepared including final detailed costings and accurate timelines. All design and engineering drawings are finalized and lodged to private certifiers for the issue of Building Approvals.


The construction of your new home will commence and you will be introduced to your Site Supervisor who will oversee the entire construction of your home. Your supervisor will outline your specific build program and answer any further questions you may have. As well as your Site Supervisor being available, Rescon Group will provide you with weekly progress reports and photo updates throughout the construction of your new home. Upon completion of our construction program, you will be met onsite with your Site Supervisor for a near completion handover meeting. During this meeting any concerns or issues raised here will be noted for a prompt rectification prior to your official handover.


Welcome to your new home. We will meet you at your new home for the official handover where you will receive all certifications and your keys.


We are very dedicated to customer satisfaction and our team will ensure that you are pleased and everything is running smoothly with your new home. We offer twelve-month maintenance inspections and a six-year structural warranty on your home.

Ready to start building your dream home? Contact our team today 07 5530 8186