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About Us

Rescon Group is Gold Coast’s premier luxury home builder, designing and building unique new homes to capture the essence of the envied Queensland family lifestyle.

We combine our love for architecture, property and construction when building luxury one of a kind homes. At Rescon Group it is understood that building a new home involves decisions about lifestyle, location, environment and many other aspects, therefore our homes are tailor-made by leading architects and designers to meet our client’s exact desires, expectations and needs.

Our extensive experience and unparalleled passion for building homes ensures that our attention to detail and workmanship are at the utmost. Rescon Group is compromised of a close team of professionals, handpicked tradesmen and subcontractors who ensure quality is second to none. The sincere effort, skillful execution, attention to detail and intelligent direction are guaranteed to assure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are committed to delivering the finest finishes, on time and on budget.

Rescon Group is a design and construct home building company, meaning approach our team with nothing other then your secured block of land and we will complete the entire process in house. Beginning with the design of your home, gathering required building and council approvals and then through to complete turn key construction of your home. If you already have your home designed and completed building plans, approach our team for a price estimation of your build and we will complete the construction of your home designed by your own Architect or Building Designer.

You will be involved throughout the entire process with in person meetings through your design phase to onsite meetings with your home building supervisor, we also use Buildxact which is a great client portal that you will have access to. Your building supervisor and tradesmen will keep you posted through the entire build with daily photos and reports posted on the portal. Space everything out and split up with images so the page is larger and requires scrolling, don’t like the page being so small.

Ready to start building your dream home? Contact our team today 07 5530 8186